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Nanotechnology - Value Creation beyond Technology


The overall goal of the proposed Helmholtz International Research Group is to better understand how processes of knowledge creation and innovation in the field of nanotechnologies may also be utilized to generate welfare in fields beyond technology. In doing so, we especially address the issue of 'generality of purpose' along two lines of reasoning: On the one hand, we focus on nanotechnologies as the most important future general purpose technology to capture the technological perspective. On the other hand, we extend the analysis to a broader content, namely creativity as a competence that becomes relevant in almost any (also less material-related) context and which covers several dimensions: technological/scientific, economic/organizational and cultural). It is reasonable to consider both creativity and nanotechnology as engines of welfare and growth and to disentangle how various interactions of involved individuals contribute to their overall productivity effect. However, still few is known concerning various facets of creativity as an independent source of growth and even less knowledge exists about the mutual interdependencies between technology and creativity. Due to the pervasive character it is self-evident to search for analogies but also to get a deeper understanding where analogies do not work. More...

News & Updates:
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The workshop is going to take place at the 17th and 18th of october 2018 in Straßburg, France. More Information here.

The 6th research workshop between KIT and the University of Strasbourg / BETA takes place on December 15th, 2017 at the University of Strasbourg. 

The 5th research workshop between KIT and the University of Strasbourg / BETA takes place on March 21-22th, 2017 at the Karlsruher Institute of Technology. The workshop schedule is available here.


The 4th research workshop between KIT and the University of Strasbourg / BETA takes place on October 19th 2016 at the University of Strasbourg. The workshop schedule is available here.

The 3rd research workshop between KIT and the University of Strasbourg / BETA takes place on March 24th 2016 at the University of Strasbourg. The workshop schedule is available here.

EUCOR Online News

The workshop organized by the University of Strasbourg  / BETA  and KIT took place on November 20th 2015  at the University of Strasbourg. The programme is available here.

On November 2-3, 2015 Ivan Savin and Vladimir Korzinov attended the 1st EAEPE – RA[X] Workshop and contributed with an interactive workshop on the topic "General purpose technologies as an emergent property – introduction and applications".

On August 7th 2015 Ivan Savin will present ongoing research work on the topic "Pervasive enough? General Purpose Technologies as an Emergent Property"   within the 9th Jena Summer Academy on 'Innovation and Uncertainty'.

On July 13th 2015 a one day workshop of the KIT/BETA research group will take place. Among participants are  Ingrid Ott, Ivan Savin and Vladimir Korzinov (all from KIT) and Patrick Llerena, Robin Cowan, Andre Lorentz, Moritz Müller and Stefano Bianchini (all from BETA). The group will discuss ongoing research projects and plans for further activities.

From May 2015 the KIT research group is a member of the the German Network for New Economic Dynamics (GENED), which united researchers from Germany working on the development and application of computational models of economic dynamics based on interacting heterogeneous agents. On 28-29th of September 2015 Ivan Savin and Vladimir Korzinov will attend the annual meeting of that network and present ongoing projects.

During 15th-19th of June Ingrid Ott and Vladimir Korzinov will discuss with other summer school participants the role of innovation for  growth and employment during the 9th Kiel Institute Summer School on Economic Policy.

Joint research project with Johannes Herrmann on "Evolution of the electricity market in Germany: Identifying policy implications by an agent-based model" has been accepted for presentation at the Annual Congress of the German Economic Association  to be held in Münster in September 2015.

On 1st of June 2015 Ivan Savin presented a work in progress titled "Replicator dynamics in value chains: explaining some puzzles of market selection" at the 2015 European Meeting on Applied Evolutionary Economics (EMAEE) in Maastricht.

Ivan Savin joined the KIT/BETA group as a new postdoc.