Themen der Wirtschaftspolitik

  • Datum:

    29. November 2017

  • Quelle:

    Lehrstuhl für Wirtschaftspolitik

  • The time is now set as follows: 

    11:30h – 12:00h “The dynamic division of tasks between humans and machines – Challenges and opportunities at the interface between technological possibilities and labor market consequences”
    by Anna Nguyen, Chair Economic Policies

    12:00h – 12:30h “Service robotics in the context of long cycle waves”
    by Fenja Scheu, Chair Economic Policies

    12:30h – 13:00h “The rich, the poor and public debt”
    by Andrey Kalk, European University St. Petersburg

    13:00h – 13:30h “The impacts of Chinese funding on African development: How do they compare with old donors?” 
    by Ivan Savin, Chair Economic Policies.