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Prof. Dr. Ingrid Ott

Chair in Economic Policy
Institute for Economics (ECON)

Office Prof. Dr. Ingrid Ott

Petra Kuchem-Braner

Office hours:
Mo 09.00-12.00h 
Tue 09.00-11.00h
We 09.00-12.00h + 13.30 -16.00h
Th 09.00-12.00h


Visitor address:
KIT Campus Süd,
Geb. 01.87 - 5. OG
Rüppurrer Str. 1a, Haus B
76137 Karlsruhe

Phone: +49 721 608 - 5257
Fax: +49 721 608 - 5255



Welcome to the Chair in Economic Policy


The field of Economic Policy focuses on establishing a general framework for governmental economic activity. Furthermore, it investigates the consequences of government interventions into the market that aim at correcting the market outcome.

Embedded in this context the team at the Chair in Economic Policy analyzes government activity. The three core areas are Innovation, Economic Growth and Regional Development. In their research the team develops formal theoretical models and applies these models by means of simulations and empirical analyses to concrete economic problems. The objective is to derive policy recommendations that are based in theory.


NEWS Research

Current dissertation writing

The dissertation writing by Dr. Vladimir Korzinov with the title 'On technology emergence and pattern detection in aggregate economic activity' is now at KITopen online available.

Recent Paper by Prof. Dr. Ott

The research paper "Worker personality: another skill bias beyond education in the digital age" of Eckhardt Bode, Stephan Brunow, Ingrid Ott and Alina Sorgner has been published online in advance in the Scientific Journal German Economic Review.

Recent Working Paper

A recent working paper with the title "Persönlichkeit und Arbeitsmarkterfolg in Zeiten der Digitalisierung: Welche Merkmale helfen" has been published by Ökonomenstimme




A recent working paper with the title "Dilution effects, population growth and economic growth under human capital accumulation and endogenous technological change" by Levent Eraydin and Moritz Müller with the collaboration of Alberto Bucci has been published. More information here.


NEWS Teaching

Information zur Lehrveranstaltung Einführung in die Wirtschaftspolitik:

Die Einführung in die Wirtschaftspolitik wird im SoSe 2018 nicht gelesen. Weitere Informationen finden Sie im ILIAS.

Exams summer term 2018

Information regarding the exams in summer term 2018 are now available here.