Chair in Economic Policy

Analysis of scientific and economic complementarities within the Trinational Metropolitan Region Upper Rhine

  • Type:Master / Diploma
  • Supervisor:

    Andrea Hammer

  • Co-operation Partner:

    Department of International Affairs (INTL)

  • The diploma or master thesis is assigned in cooperation with the Department of International Affairs (INTL) at KIT. The student will receive financial support for travel expenses and the eventually necessary order of specific data sets. Proficiency in French is an advantage.

    The thesis should cover the following points:

    • Theoretical background
      Amongst others: Theory of metropolitan regions / metropolises, analytical spatial structures, political formation of metropolitan regions, embedding in regional strategies of the EU (e.g. Lisbon Strategy, Europe 2020), national implementation in Germany
    • Regional core competences within the Trinational Metropolitan Region Upper Rhine
      Set-up of a system of indicators suitable for measuring regional core competences within the scientific and economic pillar (e.g. analysis of trademarks, patents, publications, employment structures, clusters …), application of the system
    • Deduction of complementarities / overlaps between the economic and scientific pillar of the Trinational Metropolitan Region Upper Rhine