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Team for VWL II complete!

The team for the course VWL II - Macroeconomics in the summer semester 2021 at the Chair of Economic Policy has been decided on! In addition to Prof. Dr. Ott and course coordinator Nikas Scheidt, head tutor Henriette Kissling as well as Amir Hosseini, Cathleen Jansen, Fabian Wylczoch, Federico Holst, Kilian Fischer, Lena Gseller, Max Wittmann, Mara Layer, and Sebastian Bey will work as tutors in the coming semester, supported by Ramona Bodemer as secretary. The team was able to get to know each other in a first online session on Wednesday and is currently working hard to prepare the course.

The ambivalence of economic integration in the alignment of living standards:

In order to achieve the convergence objective, the EU relies on integration and policy coordination, supported by substantial (supra-)national budgets. These are used to finance a wide range of government expenditure, for example on education or public security. In a spatial growth model, Ingrid Ott and Susanne Soretz show that, when designing coordination mechanisms and integration, more attention needs to be paid to the extent to which convergence can be achieved as a result of market incentives and the interaction between the public and private sectors.

Prize of Faculty for Master Thesis

Thomas Vöhringer was awarded the Fakultätspreis 2020, prize of faculty of economics for his master thesis:

Knowledge Generation and the Speed of Knowledge Obsolescence in the Era of the Digital Transformation.

The faculty of Economic Policy congratulates Thomas Vöhringer for his great achievement.

Research-Workshop on Innovation Economics

The joint workshop, originally planned for 19 and 20 March 2020, by the Chair in Economic Policy together with 

ZEW: Economics of Innovation and Industrial Dynamics 

ISI: CC Innovation and Knowledge Economy 

TUB: Chair of Innovation Economics 

will take place at a later time.


The annual convention of the Ausschuss für Regionaltheorie- und Politik des Vereins für Sozialpolitik initially planned for 8.-10. October 2020 is postpoend to October 2021.

Working Paper Series in Economics

Der Lehrstuhl für Wirtschaftspolitik hostet die KIT Working Paper Series in Economics. Die beteiligten Lehrstühle finden Sie hier. Wenn Sie einen Beitrag einreichen möchten, kontaktieren Sie bitte

Research Seminar

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Brown Bag Seminar

Mittwochs um 11:30 Uhr findet das Brown Bag Seminar statt. Interessierte sind herzlich willkommen!